Edinson Cavani: A future Red Devil?

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The constant speculation of Paris Saint Germain’s Edison Cavani potentially joining the Red Devils was exciting 3 months ago when we fans were still hopeful that they may be able to turn their season around.

Now however with them sitting in 7th position in the EPL and a spot in both the Champions League and Europa League next season looking highly unlikely, the main question here is why would any player, including the 27 year old Uruguayan international, want to join a team that is currently going through a huge transition?

Photo: The Sport Review

Photo: The Sport Review

Like Juan Mata, players find United alluring due to their rich history and the notion of wearing the famous Red Devils shirt that has for so long represented team spirit, ambition, hard work, and the will to win and succeed.

With the confirmation of Nemanja Vidic leaving for Inter Milan and the ongoing debate on whether or not Rio Ferdinand will retire at the end of the season, what United may need to be looking for is good handful of defenders more than anything else.

The debate on whether or not Manchester United really need Cavani remains to be seen. Although he would most definitely fit in well and playing time is all but guaranteed considering that United are looking to off load Kagawa and Nani this summer and Ryan Giggs has only a recurring playing role now and then.

If United provide the funds, Cavani may come. As with many players the thrill of playing in England has always been enticing and considering Cavani has played in Italy, France and Uruguay, moving to England may not be off the radar.

Cavani has always had an impressive goal scoring record regardless of which team he plays for and is currently in form scoring 22 goals in 37 games for the French champions.

After recently admitting his disapproval on playing wide rather than his preferred center position, all hope is not lost when it comes to whether Cavani will be a Red Devil next season or if Chelsea may get the upper hand in signing the talented Uruguayan.

With Paris Saint Germain running the show in Ligue 1, Man U will really have to persuade the striker to join. If they continue to win more games and salvage what is left of their dismal season then persuading the Uruguayan with the big bucks may not be as difficult after all.

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Manchester United Fans Rejoice: Our Team has Finally Arrived!!

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I am not going to lie; I was one of the many Manchester United supporters that were praying to God during the 85th minute of the game.

I woke up the next day however with a sore throat and bloated stomach due to all the screaming and beer drinking I did while watching the suspenseful match.

Photo: Clive A Brown

Photo: Clive A Brown

After a very long time my team finally put a smile on my face. However it was short lived when I realized that out of the 8 teams to go through to the quarter finals, United no longer had that fear factor like they use to posses.

Real Madrid most definitely look like the team to beat especially since they demolished Schalke 9-2 in aggregate.

On a positive note, we United fans can all agree that the Champion’s League has been the only tournament Man United have really shown a decent and consistent form in this season.

Prior to the stunning first leg defeat at Olympiakos, Manchester United were unbeaten in the knockout phase with two draws and four wins.

As the draw is announced tomorrow, I am honestly keeping my fingers crossed that we get Borussia Dortmund for the simple fact that they too are considered the underdogs along with Manchester United.

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Will Manchester United finally give their fans something to smile about?

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Photo courtesy  of: Yoca91

Photo courtesy of: Yoca91

Since returning from vacation, the only solace I have received has been from an occasional glass of whisky to warm my soul. Not only does the frigid winter refuse to leave but Manchester United refuse to step up and give their fans something to smile about.

The continuing downward spiral of Manchester United has been so bad that, I for one, was quite surprised when I heard Manchester United had won 3-0 against West Brom a few weeks ago.

The real pain was last Sunday of course when I actually felt my heart breaking while watching my Red Devils fall under the long time enemy Liverpool.

With the Champions League second leg against Olympiakos only a few hours away, I am honestly hoping that David Moyes does something miraculous to get United into the quarter finals.

The manager and players have dug the knife into each of their supporter’s hearts since the very beginning of the season that if we fail to make it to the next round the only solution would be to finally get rid of David Moyes.

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Farewell to the GREATEST Free Kick Specialist of All Time: JUNINHO

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So as I prepare for my vacation to the Caribbean and plan an escape from this brutal winter weather, I was met with some very tragic news after returning from shoveling 25 cm of snow on my driveway yesterday.

As you can probably tell by the title, the news of the 39 year old Brazilian retiring after a 20 year long career was very sad indeed.

During his playing days, he had the opportunity to showcase his talent for clubs in Brazil, Europe, and North America.

Widely renowned for his powerful vision when taking free kicks, it would be unfortunate not to see the talented playmaker in action again.

With many players returning to the spotlight to start a managerial career or in David Beckham’s case to run a new soccer franchise in Miami, hopefully this will not be the last of Juninho Pernambucano we see.

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