Manchester United Players at the World Cup 2014

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The World Cup is officially over and done with and life can finally go back to how it was before all this welcomed chaos. Although the anticipation of seeing the new champs Germany begin their defense of the trophy on the road to Russia 2018 is certainty an enticing one.

Even though no Manchester United player was in the final on July 13, we fans were able to take a lot out of this World Cup.

For starters we had 13 players plus our new manager Lois van Gaal representing Manchester United.

Of all the thirteen players (Adnan Januzaj, Antonia Valencia, Chris Smalling, Danny Welbeck, David De Gea, Javier Hernandez, Juan Mata, Marouane Fellaini, Nani, Patrice Evra, Phil Jones, Robin van Persie, Shinji Kagawa and Wayne Rooney) it was by far Van Persie that had the most successful tournament. He was also the only player that made it all the way to the semi finals.

While Mata, Fellaini, Hernandez, Nani and Rooney were all able to get on the score sheet with one goal apiece, van Persie was the one to score the most with an impressive 4 goals. In general 9 goals were scored by 6 United players.

But there was one other Man United representative that had a remarkable tournament and it was none other than our new manager Louis van Gaal.

Van Gaal showed all the United fans that he is just as disciplined as Fergie and demands only the best from his team. From the Netherlands first game where they thrashed the Spaniards 5-1 to their third place victory against Brazil, the Dutch sure knew how to entertain which explains the 11 goals the team scored in total with Van Persie and Robben providing 7 of those.

One particular surprising moment was Belgium’s first game when substitute Marouane Fellaini became the first Belgian to score in the tournament with his header against Algeria. It was a promising display overall from the Belgian international and hopefully he will be able to emulate the same form when he starts his second season at United next month.

It was unfortunate that once again the British media were quick to attack Rooney. I understand that some may view Rooney as only showing up for his club and not country. But to blame one player for a country’s lacklustre display is wrong. I watched all three of England’s games and they did show potential but one has to remember that they were in a group of death with two former champions in Italy and Uruguay as well as the surprising breakout team of the tournament in Costa Rica.

Nani was another player that dealt with a lot of criticism and was also in the same predicament as Rooney. It really goes to show that no team is safe which was one of the reasons why England, Portugal, Italy and Spain all made early exits.

Although most players did not make it past the knockout phases, it was nice to see them come out and play in the international stage.

Now the countdown begins to the opening game in the EPL against Swansea City on August 16, 2014 which fingers crossed will be the beginning of a golden era at Old Trafford.

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OMG I WAS RIGHT: Argentina vs. Germany it is!!

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I may not be a soccer player but it sure felt nice having people text, call and email me how I was a genius to pick the right two teams, Germany and Argentina, to make it to the final.

The 2014 World Cup has been filled with so much goals and controversy that seeing the best two teams fight tooth and nail to make it to the final is just a wonderful thing to experience (especially when so much people believed Brazil were going to win it on home soil).

Since I never liked gambling to begin with I did not place any bets on the game. I would however like to rub it in everyone’s face who said I was making the wrong decision for not supporting Spain, U.S.A and Brazil.

Photo courtesy of: tjuel

Photo courtesy of: tjuel

I would also like wave my middle finger right back at that crazy Mexican guy that gave me the middle finger during the group stages while I was driving to a party. He did not even know me yet was so quick to swear at me and my teams and then speed off.

With the final set to take place on Sunday I honestly have no clue which team I would prefer to see lift the trophy.  But I wish both teams good luck and may the best team win.

I do however hope that the EPL hurries up and starts back up. Since we Manchester United fans did not have much to celebrate last season I think the success of our new manager Louis van Gaal had with the Netherlands should only be a positive thing for us.

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Viva la Deutschland!!!!!

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Viva la Deutschland. I am not sure if my title even makes sense but I really do not care. After watching the Brazil vs. Germany game today with my fiancé, I could not hide my pride when it came to supporting the Germans.

As I have stated before, I did not think Brazil would make it to the final because I did not think their team had that winning mentality in them that you so often see in teams like Columbia and Mexico.

GermanyI was quite mesmerised to see how pathetic the Brazilian defense was. They were literally in shambles. The only Brazilian player that may have left the stadium with a smile had to be the suspended Thiago Silva. With all the hype to the build up of the game surrounding the loss of the talented yet over rated Neymar, it was good to see that it was Silva and not Neymar that was the missing piece to the puzzle. He is such a vital part to both Brazil and his club Paris Saint Germain that when he is not there the goal scoring opportunities for the opposing team just increases by ten folds.

It was very special moments for all the German and even Polish supporters to see the Polish born striker Miroslav Klose surpass Ronaldo’s record of the most goals scored in the World Cup with 16 goals to his name. Although it is quite the impressive record my fiancé still believes his favorite player after Lionel Messi, which is Thomas Muller, will still surpass that after scoring his 10th goal today. It is a shock that he is only just 24 years old.

As I expected many people who do not know squat about soccer were so quick to jump the German band wagon without even knowing one player in the team.

With the next semi due tomorrow I have my fingers crossed that Lionel Messi will lead his Argentine troops to the final. I really do not think anyone would want to see a European final.

It still remains 50/50 but with Angel di Maria and Robin Van Persie both expected to miss the game, it will be an entertaining spectacle indeed.

***Being the wicked minded people we are, my fiancé and I could not help going out in the rainy weather after the amazing 7-1 rout by the Germans to celebrate. While I have a Germany and Argentina flag my fiancé refuses to support anyone but Germany as you can tell by his two flags :)

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FIFA World Cup 2014: The Most Shocking Tournament Ever!

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Germany & Argentina I have often been told by those close to me that I am obsessed with soccer which I adamantly deny. However, I had no excuse when I was asked why I put the Germany and Argentina flag on my car exactly 1 week BEFORE the World Cup 2014 even started.

Although I did not take the day off work, I did like many others leave earlier than usual to catch Brazil strut their strut on their home soil.

The 2014 World Cup started with a bang quite literally. The first goal of the tournament was scored by the Brazilian defender Marcelo and it was an own goal at that. All I kept think at that moment was to savour seeing the Real Madrid player now since the mob were more likely than not set out to put a hit on him. Then of course the energetic Brazilian fans and ardent supporters that place bets on games would want him dead as well. Thankfully Neymar and Oscar were there to save the day.

I honestly believe the goal of the tournament was scored on match day 2 with Robin Van Persie’s stunning header over Iker Casillas. Talk about revenge! The Dutch just made mince meat out of Spain. While watching the game, I kept having to ask my brother if the Dutch really just scored once again since it was quite literally one after another.

Although I have always been an ardent supporter of the Spaniards, I was more than ecstatic when they were beaten by Chile since one of my fiancé’s friends hails from Santiago and it was truly a beautiful moment.

With the defending champions Spain making an early exit from the tournament like Italy did 4 years ago in South Africa, it is honestly a genuine happiness I feel to know that there will be a new crowned champion at the final on July 13.

I did not think too much of Cameroon and Australia leaving the competition so early, but England’s departure was very painful.

Do not get me wrong, I knew they would not win the tournament but I wanted them to at least have something to show for their effort. On the positive side, Wayne Rooney scored his first goal in the World Cup which was amazing considering that he plays for the second love of my life which is Manchester United.

Another game that was a real shocker was the Uruguay vs. Costa Rica game. I honestly thought Forlan and Cavani had it in the bag for this match but it looks like Luis Suarez absent proved more significant than originally thought. Especially since both goals he scored in today’s match against England may have been the ticket to keep them in the tournament and potentially through to the next round.

So far this World Cup has not disappointed. If anything it provides a new surprise with every passing day.

With exactly one week of games having already been played, I have to agree with my buddy Rachel (who hails from Brazil and just hates me right now for supporting her arch rivals) that this tournament has been one roller coaster ride.

So far only two boring games have been played and they were the only two tied games so far: Nigeria vs. Iran and Japan vs. Greece.

So as I sign off I just want to add that do not forget that every World Cup there is a break out team that comes to awe the world and capture the heart of even the heaviest critic. For me I have two underdog teams that I am rooting for and they are: Belgium and Uruguay.

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